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About Vianney Harelly

Vianney Harelly is a nostalgic poet and visual artist from la frontera Tijuana/San Diego. She discovered writing was her purpose in life the day she won a writing contest when she was in sixth grade and noticed her work got an audience full of strangers very emotional. In 2013 Vianney moved to San Francisco as a first gen immigrant and student to be able to write about politics in Mexico and graduated in 2018 from SFSU with a B.A in Creative Writing. Today Vianney writes poetry to heal by revisiting old wounds and blocked memories in honor of her inner child. She hopes her poems can serve as a testimony and as love letters to herself, her family, culture and community to break the generational cycles that have been breaking their hearts for decades so that future generations don’t have to. Vianney Harelly has had 3 published books, two of which were self published. 

About the Artist: About Me
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